Index of Technical Analysis Patterns

Technical Analysis

In this page, there is the Index with all the Articles written about the Technical Analysis Patterns. In this way, it will be easier for you to browse  the Articles about the Technical Analysis Patterns and to find the articles that you want to read. You have only to click on the link of the Article that you want to read, to go directly to the Article chosen; moreover we have put the articles in a suggested order for your reading: specially if you are a novice Trader, we suggest to you to read the article in this order.

Technical Analysis

We suggest you to read the introductory article to the Technical Analysis, before you start reading other Articles about the Technical Analysis; so that you will better understand all the other Articles related to Technical Analysis.

Here the Index of all articles related to Technical Analysis Patterns that are on our website:

  1. Introduction to Technical Analysis
  2. What is a Trend and what are Trend Lines
  3. Resistances and Supports
  4. Double Bottom
  5. Double Top
  6. Triple Bottom
  7. Triple Top
  8. Rectangles
  9. Head and Shoulders Bottom
  10. Head and Shoulders Top
  11. Ascending and Descending Triangles
  12. Symmetrical Triangle
  13. Flag and Pennants
  14. Wedge
  15. Broadening Formation
  16.  Diamond
  17. Rounding Bottom
  18. Rounding Top

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