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While the addition of any relevant data feed to your website will have immediate benefits, sometimes it may be beneficial to bring in more than one feed. While certain areas of interest may be covered by one site, it is not very common for one site to give you all of the information which you require. It can also be very dangerous to rely on one data provider alone, because if they have problems with their site, close down, or do not update their information, there is an immediate impact to your site.

Using FeedRoll, combined with our Feed Combiner generator, we can package up to five different data sources together, into one constant stream - giving a seamless and fluid look to your website. The process for producing your own personalized multi channel data stream is simple, copy the URL addresses for the feeds, and paste onto our RSS generator. Within seconds you will have the relevant code to add to your site.

As and when you wish to add or delete certain feeds from the combined offering, just go back to the Feed Combiner page, enter your new sources, copy the code to your site, and the feed will be immediately updated. Here at Feedroll we aim to take the pain out of RSS streaming, making it more user friendly and give you what you want.

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