Best time to trade

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What is the best time to trade?
For a Trader that want to trade with the Binary Options (But also with the Forex), the volatility is an important factor: in case of High volatility, the Prices will move in a “stronger” way than in the case of Low volatility (Although with the Binary Options you can also earn during a phase of Low volatility). To exploit the phases of High volatility in Prices, you should do your Trades when are open different Stock Markets worldwide at the same time.

For this reason you should consider the Opening and Closing Time of the most important Stock Markets all around the world: in the following table will be listed all the Opening/Closing Times of the Stock Markets of all the World (The times are setted to GMT/UTC +0). Of course you should take into account also the time of your Broker: in fact some Brokers may use a different time zone than the time zone of your country.

Stock chart

Moreover during the  day, there are hours in which is better to trade a certain asset than another asset: depending on the Asset that you want to trade, check the Opening/Closing Times of the Stock Market related to the asset to have an higher volatility. For example, if we want to trade the following asset, a pair of currencies as the EUR/USD, there will be an higher volatility when are open both the Stock Markets in Europe and in the USA (So in case of pair of currencies, check the Opening/Closing times of both the Stock Markets of the two currencies).

Lastly, remember that the Stock Markets have an higher volatility during the phase of Opening and during the phase of Closing (So the first hour and the last hour of the Period of time in which a stock market is open).

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