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Here at Feedroll we aim to offer a one stop shop for publishers and website owners looking for live interactive content. Content is the life blood of any online business, and it is essential that you give your customers something to catch their attention, something to keep them on your site and something to keep them coming back.

As the need to differentiate yourself from your competitors becomes more and more important, it is vital that you make use of third party services where applicable - leaving you time to concentrate on your main area of business.

In today’s ever changing market place, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds have become a simple yet very effective way to ensure that your site has the most up to date information, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Since the idea of RSS feeds was released this area of publishing has exploded with literally thousand of feeds available covering every subject you could imagine.

All major news and information websites are guaranteed to have their own RSS feeds, and the phenomenon is moving down the chain to the smaller websites. The cost of RSS streams to publishers is minimal and free to users, ensuring that this is the most cost effective way to stream up to date information.

The development of RSS feeds has improved greatly over the last few years, and the offerings available have increased dramatically. The creation and use of RSS feeds could not be simpler, and only requires the addition of a small piece of software to your website, together with the code for your personalized feed. Once the code has been added, the RSS feed will update itself using the constantly changing information from the publisher. We also offer the opportunity to select your favorite RSS feeds and bulk them together into one, giving a seamless stream of data to your website.

We have made the process as simple as possible putting together a dedicated team of support personal in the background, on call to answer your questions and queries. We will also bring future developments in the RSS market direct to you, and ensure that you have access to these as soon as possible. Stay up to date with the most up to date content at Feedroll. Our Press releases you can also read on theOnline PR-Portal.

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