FXGM SOUTH AFRICA: is it a scam? Review and opinion

FXGM South Africa: The review

FXGM South Africa is the modest Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading platform. FXGM is the service mark of Cyprus based financial services company Depaho Ltd. The Depaho Ltd was established back in 2006 and the company’s head office is in Nicosia, Cyprus. The principal activity of the company is to provide online trading services to its customers all over the world. FXGM is listed with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC).

FXGM South Africa is registered with the South Africa Financial Services Board and legally authorized to provide online financial trading services to the traders around the globe. In addition to above listing, FXGM is in agreement to comply with the European Union (EU) Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) regulations that deals in enlarging the transparency matters of the financial markets in terms of financial trading.

Remarkably, FXGM also has the association with the Investor Compensation Fund of Cyprus which is promulgated for the protection of investors. So the FXGM South Africa is performing its trading operations in conformity with the local and international laws and legally authorized to conduct the business of Forex trading in the regions of its trading business operations. In Forex trading, the trading platform services offered by the forex broker is a critical success factor for an investor because things in the forex market happen so quickly and required instant respond for gaining the profit or to avoid from loss of investment that is purely based on the support provided by the trading platform.

FXGM South Africa services

FXGM South Africa trading platform well known for its secure online trading services for its trading partners. FXGM South Africa brokerage platform providing a range of options to its valuable traders for the trading of their choice. FXGM South Africa is a complete trading platform where a trader finds a variety of investment options in the shape of commodities, currency pairs, CFD’s, stocks and Indices. A trader or investor has all the trading options at one trading platform. In Contract for Difference (CFD), the investors at FXGM South Africa has the liberty to trade on the value of the financial instrument without taking the ownership of the instrument. FXGM South Africa provide the facility of CFD trading in every commodity that is being traded by means of CFD.

The trading partner of FXGM South Africa at the time of trading in CFD hold a contract equal to the worth of the financial instrument. A trader at FXGM South Africa trading platform finds a series of all currency pairs to invest in the facility to trading by way of CFD. FXGM South Africa offers all the well-known Commodity investment or trading alternatives to its customers or traders. In commodity trading, options are available in numerous sectors including agricultural sector where a trader finds a variety of products namely sugar, wheat, cotton etc. Products from other sectors include gold, silver, aluminum and crude oil etc. In share trading, investors at FXGM South Africa can invest in the stocks of all big well-established companies without having the actual ownership of these shares and without paying the full prices of their trading shares. Investment option in Indices is also offered by FXGM South Africa.

FXGM South Africa accounts

FXGM South Africa has designed a variety of trading accounts in order to meet the varying needs of the traders. The traders at FXGM trading platform has the options of selection of their trading account that are best suits to their trading and financing requirements. FXGM South Africa offered six different types of trading accounts namely Demo Account, Discovery, Silver, Gold, Diamond and VIP Account. Each account has varied feature or characteristics of service level offered along with the financial limits. Demo Account specially offered for Novice traders who have not enough experience with the online forex trading market environment. FXGM South Africa offered the facility of Demo Account for the wellbeing of the beginners to aware with the forex trading environment before investing their capital in the real trading.

Demo Account serves as the protecting tool for the traders and that’s how FXGM South Africa protects the interest of their investors. FXGM Discovery Account, offered the facility of trading to their investors with minimal investment, starting from $200. Discovery Account is specially designed for small traders. FXGM South Africa believes in equality of rights and wants to make trading opportunities available for everyone including those who have less amount of capital to invest. Keeping the lowest capital amount requirement is the first step toward this great cause. Silver and Gold Accounts has the requirements of 10,000 and 30,000 respectively with extended service features that best suits to the trading requirements of the middle line traders. Diamond and VIP trading Accounts are designed to cater large investments along-with the exclusive feature that is only available on FXGM platform.

FXGM South Africa: scam? Our opinion

FXGM South Africa resource center designed to supply value-added services to their Customers. Resource center features at FXGM offered to meet the real-time information needs of the traders. FXGM South Africa, Resource Central is considered to be the most credible technical research provider of the financial market. FXGM technical analysis supplied valuable assistance to the traders for making instant decision making. FXGM South Africa has taken the responsibility of traders’ education by providing the online forex market history and education article/material in respect of the terminology of the market.

The rate of spread at FXGM South Africa Platform is very low as compared to the other market players. The traders of the FXGM achieve higher returns due to lower pip spread on trading transactions. FXGM South Africa is the only trading platform in the forex trading world that provides the facility of protection Insurance. Protection Insurance feature is a money back guarantee in case of loss. The traders of FXGM are protected against first 05 to 10 the trading transactions that means in case of loss FXGM will return the amount of loss while in case of profit all the amount of profit credited to the investor.

This unique feature of the FXGM South Africa trading platform makes it unique among other and makes the top rated forex brokerage house in the region because FXGM South Africa believe in the policy of growing together.

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